About us

Company Startegy


The Company aims to become a leading gaming and entertainment company in the emerging markets by offering an exclusive user experience, as well as top quality products and services. The Company pursues the following strategies in order to achieve theobjective:


Existing Markets


By expanding of existing operations, QLI aims to capitalize on its recent success and enhance its local position. The Company will establish itself in new client markets by taking advantage of low entry barriers and property prices which may not be possible in the future due to further development of regulations.


New Developments


Working in partnership


Leveraging its experience and proven track record, the Company intends to maintain majority over its portfolio casinos, subject to local regulations.


Pursue Attractive Investment Opportunities in Developing Markets


The Company will continue to capitalize on the opportunities created by the expansion of licensed gaming in emerging markets. Whereas the Company is open to examining potential projects, its focus remains primarily on investment opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Stable geopolitical conditions
  • Favorable macroeconomics
  • Attractive growth prospects
  • Current or impending gaming industry regulations