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Our company strives to provide the maximum website user experience to the general public, including people with disabilities. We have invested great effort in order to enable, facilitate and optimize the use of the site with an emphasis on the needs of these people. The accessibility adaptations on our site were made in accordance with Regulation 35 of the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Service Accessibility Adaptations), 5773 - 2013, Israeli Standard I.S. 5568 that is based on the WCAG 2.0 guidelines to a AA level and subject to changes and adaptations made in the Israeli Standards document. Accessibility adaptation has been tested in leading browsers such as Firefox and Chrome in their latest versions, up to the use of screen reader type assistive technologies (NVDA)

How the website was made accessible

  • Links at the beginning of the page allow skipping to the content.
  • Textual description of images and icons for assistive technologies.
  • Buttons for stopping and activating galleries.
  • Implementation of ARIA attributes that aid in interpreting the website content more accurately and better.
  • Accessibility of menus, forms, header hierarchy, tab components, pop-ups, and more.

To navigate the site using the keyboard, use the tab key. Each press will take you to the next link. Pressing shift + tab will return you to the previous link. The font size can be changed using the keyboard: press the ctrl + keys to increase font size , press the keys ctrl - keys to reduce font size.

Have you encountered a problem? Tell us!

We try to keep and maintain the site at the best level. If you have found and/or encountered difficulties browsing the site, feel free to report this to me at the e-mail address Or telephone number 03-7566555 .
We'll take care of the problem and get back to promptly with the details.

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